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    The owner of a commercial diving company isn't happy with provincial occupational health and safety rules that categorize St. John's harbour as a contaminated work site.

    Barry Hynes said enforcement of the two-year-old regulations cost his company, Sea-Force Diving, an $8,000 contract with the Canadian Coast Guard Monday.

    And he predicts work in the harbour will be prohibitive for him and other small diving companies in future.

    We all know that the Diving Industry is difficult enough at the best of times. Read what one of the forum posters has to say about a situation where pirates decided to take a visit to an offshore site. website has launched today as a free service to the Underwater Industry - ANYWHERE! Employers looking for underwater personnel or underwater professionals looking for that next contract will be able to have their skills matched to the job. There are advanced extra cost options such as automatic emailing of jobs that match your skills and for the employers, automatic emailing of candidates that match your requirements. All resumes and jobs are updated continuously and purged after 3 months if not renewed - keeping things fresh and current. Read more "inside" ....

    The Diver Certification Board of Canada has created a committee to design a certification scheme for Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) personnel. The initial meeting of the committee was held on March 18, 2004 at the DCBC offices in Halifax at which time it was decided to include additional representation from the ROV and diving community across Canada.

    If you give the orders or supervise a dive crew, the ammendment last November of Canada's Criminal Code under Bill C-45 means that you have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of your employees and the public. Itís now easier for the crown to convict organizations and individuals of criminal negligence regarding health and safety. Read what you should know here!

    CADC's newly elected President, Mr. John McFadzen, gives us a view of what he would like to do during his presidency of the Association. Read what John has to say about how he feels CADC will develop in the next couple of years - and how we can achieve it.

    John McFazden (EastDive) voted in as President CADC.

    John has been very active over the years serving as our Safety Director and played a major role in the production of the hard copy news letter in the past.He has also been very active in the pursuit of safety in his own province (NB) and Federally with CSA and was a member of the hamonization Committee sponsored by Ontario,just to mention a few of his involvements. John's letter to membership will be posted shortly.

    The Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) has begun studies to create a certification regime for operators of Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) in Canadian waters.
    The founding mission of the DCBC is to provide a national, Canadian diving certification regime for professional diving personnel, based on a single national standard of competencies, in order to enhance industry safety by demonstrating personal competency. The DCBC believes that the competence of the operator of an ROV directly impacts on the safety of the divers who often work in the same underwater area as the ROV.

    The Canadian Association of Diving Contractors will meet in Halifax at 2:00 p.m., Friday April 25, 2003 at the Citadel Halifax Hotel, Terrace & Terrace Patio. All current and prospective members are invited to attend. Speakers will be from the CADC, the Canadian Diving Certification Board and the DRDC Experimental Diving Unit. For a full agenda, click on the link (PDF format).

    As of April 2003, Wayne Gzowkis's Arctic Divers Ltd. joins Northern Underwater Systems (N.U.S. Group) owned by Jeremy Leonard. Find out how Arctic Divers got their successful start and now brings over 30 years of high Arctic experience to NUS Group. (PDF File)

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