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    Searching through the old archives of Diver Magazine, I came across this dated article on underwater photography. In reading it over, basic things in the art of acquiring the image have not changed much.
    See what they had to say then ... and then think about it.

    “The industry is extremely busy and expected to remain so for a number of years,” said Hugh Williams, Chief Executive of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).

    More than 900 striking North Sea divers and support staff voted to accept a 44.7 percent pay increase over two years from employers  ending a ten-day strike. The RMT union said 84 percent had voted to accept the pay deal.

    LONDON (AP) _ More than 900 North Sea divers who take care of offshore oil and natural gas platforms went on strike indefinitely Wednesday after rejecting a 37 per cent pay rise over three years.

    The divers are instead demanding a 50 per cent rise, claiming their earnings have slipped over the past two decades as oil and gas companies rake in ballooning profit. Read more inside.

    SAULNIERVILLE — Search and rescue crews continued to search for a missing scallop diver in St. Mary’s Bay on Sunday.The 38-year-old man was reported missing at 3:15 p.m. Saturday when he failed to come to the surface. Another man on the small boat he was diving from called the coast guard on his cellphone to report the missing diver off the coast of Comeauville. UPDATE: Searching is now ongoing and is being treated as a diving death. (Oct 27 2006)

    Thirty-two young men and women will graduate from the Underwater Skills program at Seneca College in King City Ontario.  They have already been offered jobs by the largest diving contractor in the United States, jobs that include signing bonuses and other inducements.  The same contractor was in Prince Edward Island four weeks ago talking to graduates of the Commercial Diving Course at Holland College; now, at least six of those graduates are heading south to the Gulf of Mexico where the repairs to the damage wreaked by Katrina is nowhere near complete.  This aggressive recruiting by US diving contractors has lead to a shortage of commercial divers back home in Canada. 

    Chief Diving Inspector to retire.

    Chief Diving Inspector, Dr. Jan Merta retires this spring from the National Energy Board. Past bios have written that "Dr. Jan Merta de Velehrad is a remarkable individual who has lived an incredible life. Considered by the International Biographical Center in England as one of the last Renasissance Men, he has been nominated to the Guinness Book of Records as the “Most Accomplished Man in the World”. Educated in Czechoslovakia, Canada, UK and USA, he holds, in addition to a BSc degree from McGill University in Montreal, and a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the Aberdeen University in Scotland, more than 50 other degrees, diplomas, and certificates, covering close to 40 different occupations. Listed in 18 “Who's Who” type publications, he has been a recipient of numerous domestic as well as international awards and honors, and his memberships span 23 professional and civic societies. He is an inventor, scientist, international lecturer, and pioneer in the field of Deep Sea Diving. He has been the author and co-author of diverse articles and technical publications, as well as on the subject of various articles and interviews on radio and television. Intrigued by the ancient mysteries, he lived in Egypt investigating the secrets of the Great Pyramid." He now lives in Alberta.

    Charges have been laid against a local company over a 2004 diving tragedy that claimed the life a worker in Bay Bulls. Adrian Fleming, 45, died in August 2004 while inspecting underwater moorings for a tour boat.

    <St. Catharines, ON, Canada> ASI Group Ltd. (ASI), an internationally acclaimed underwater inspection and water and wastewater engineering company announced the completion of repairs to a deep ocean wastewater treatment plant outfall using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). ASI was contracted to repair three deepwater leaks in the Ponce Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Deep Ocean Outfall, located at Ponce, Puerto Rico using an ROV. Follow link for details.

    Diver dies on Hamilton horror movie shoot .

    HAMILTON—A 43-year-old scuba diver died yesterday while working on a low-budget horror movie in the waters off the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club.

    The victim, a professional diver, and his wife were working on Marina Monster, when tragedy struck. Filming a routine scene at 11 a.m. in water four metres deep, they were towing a shark-shaped prop, about four metres from the dock, when she surfaced alone.

    Minutes later, the prop could be seen floating freely. Witnesses say the worried woman asked if anybody had seen her husband surface.

    "She knew something was wrong right away. She noticed the bubbles and told us that was a sign that he wasn't breathing," said Jason Tennant, a sound technician with the film crew.

    As she struggled to remove gear to dive back in and find her husband, Tennant threw off his shoes and dove in. " I just kept coming up and going back down, but the water was too murky. I couldn't see anything."

    It's believed the man was under water eight to 12 minutes before he was found and brought to the surface by a pair of young lifeguards — Maggie Turnbull and Aaron Jarecki — hailed from the club's outdoor pool. It took Turnbull several minutes to find the victim. Together, they pulled the diver to the surface, hampered by the weights attached to his body. With no vital signs, he was rushed to Hamilton General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    Police have not released his name pending notification of kin. The coroner and labour ministry are investigating. A ministry diving specialist will help. No foul play is suspected. Hamilton coroner Dr. Jack Stanborough said there would be an autopsy today. "We're looking at it either being a natural death or an accident."

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