Diving Safety and Training

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    As the technology in underwater welding electrodes races forward, so do the horizons of those performing this specialized underwater work. The jobs of yesterday which were considered “temporary” or “shaky” can now be replaced with a quality that is more comparable to a surface weld. Where do you get the training? There are several options. Find out.

    The CSA is considering a minimum of a 4 man crew for diving operations. Discussion amongst the committee members is active at this present time and may be included in the next draft of 275.2 Diving Operations. No doubt, once this is done, it will become law in short order.
    Is this really a safety issue or will it appear to be a money grab by contractors? What do you think? Find out what others think - get in on the discussion and lets hear what you think!! Now is your chance to speak up!

    The first ever-diving supervisor’s course was held by the CSAO (Construction Safety Association of Ontario) on February 18, 2002. See why you should attend one in your area!

    Diving around water control structures is DANGEROUS! Get this worksheet (checklist) to use as a guideline for safe diving procedures when working in these areas (Reprinted by permission of Seneca College's Underwater Skills Program)

    Working in Canada? A minimum commercial diving standard is required by most provinces to ensure that our industry and its people are minimizing the hazards of the occupation.

    When things sink, insurance companies sometimes hire divers to recover the submerged property. Using incompetent personnel to do this is against the law in Ontario. Find out what the deal is.

    A diver was trapped by shifting and frazzeled ice while he was working a few kilometres downstream of a dam, on the Trent River.

    How does adhering to standard commercial diving safety and being a member of CADC benifits your bottom line? Find out at this commercial diving tutorial at the Whitehorse Conference Center March 26th.

    The new CSA 275.4 Competency Standard for Diving Operations will be coming into effect 2002– among some of the revisions are the performance requirements of Restricted Surface Supplied Supervisor and the Unrestricted Surface Supervisor. Do you need a refresher?

    Trained in the US or in the Navy? No one recognizes your qualifications internationally? Here is one way to make sure they do!

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