Diving Safety and Training

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    The new CSA  275.4 Competency Standard for Diving Operations will be coming into effect 2002– among some of the revisions are the performance requirements of Restricted Surface Supplied Supervisor and the Unrestricted Surface Supervisor.

     CSAO in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour and Seneca College, Ontario Provincial Police and Canadian Working Divers Institute will be offering a Supervisory Training Program directly related to Sections 13 and 14. Read about it here. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

    CSA to consider Inshore Diving Safety Specialist Designation.

    CSA Diving subcommittees will be meeting in October to discuss the next set of changes to our diving standards. At the last CSA Competency Standard meeting in Victoria there was discussion on adding a new diving category to the standard; "Inshore Diving Safety Specialist". The standard does have an "Offshore Diving Safety Specialist" as an existing category. The Inshore Diving Safety Specialist would be a diving expert who would offer expert opinion or advise regarding safety to the diving industry. Do we need this designation or are we getting overloaded with "experts" when a competent supervisor is capable of doing the job? Find out what others think and discuss it here.

    In light of the recent tragedy and the ongoing inquiry in British Columbia where Coast Guard Divers and the government have been criticized for not attempting to enter an over turned fishing vessel to search for possible survivors who may have been trapped in the hull – citing ,among other reasons,  that regulations prevented them from entering the hull - the Canadian Association of Diving Contractors re-issues their response and position on the situation. 

    The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland today announced it will offer a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Pilot training program in response to the increasing demand for certified ROV pilots and technicians throughout Atlantic Canada and the world.

    Are your qualifications not recognized internationally? Having a problem getting a job because of it? The Canadian Working Divers Institute is running upgrade courses - find out about it.

    Working in the Film Industry doing underwater photography? You have to adhere to the diving regs like any other commercial diver. Find out how to stay within the law ... and to conduct a SAFE diving operation.

    Find out the latest from the International Diving Schools Association. They have submitted their April 2002 Newsletter for distribution by CADC. (PDF Format - you will need Adobe Acrobat to read.)

    New fall protection regulation for construction projects. Any diver working on a construction project in Ontario that may be exposed to falls must be trained in the hazard and carry that record of with them. Also the employer must have a record of that training. This becomes law in June 2002! Click on the article to see the PDF file on the training being offered by the CSAO. Discuss this? Click here!

    C.A.D.C. has been the driving force behind a single certifying agency in Canada. As a contractor, it is essential to know the minimum knowledge and skills of an applicant to maintain safety and avowed the expense of assessment. It is the contractor's responsibility to insure competency of the dive team.

    Technical sub-committees of the Diving and Caissons Technical Committee of the Canadian Standards Association met in Victoria, BC this April. Find out the pending changes to the standard and how it may affect you.

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