Diving Safety and Training

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    MOL Diving Grads.

    Ontario is backing up their Diving Specialists by giving a basic diving inspectors training course to their regular inspectors. In addition, they have added another inspector to their ranks to replace a retired inspector - many of you may know him. Find out more.

    Diving Fatality near Kenora.

    ( - Thunder Bay) A Kenora man is dead after a commercial diving accident on Lake of the Woods. OPP say 30 year old Jeff Ferguson was working on raising a vehicle from the bottom of Deception Bay on Wednesday afternoon when the accident occurred. Details have not been released as the investigation continues. The Ministry of Labour is also involved.

    At the CSA subcommittee meetings in Halifax last week, CSA voted to accept the use of a three man crew if certain conditions were in place. Although limiting, it is a compromise on the CSA's former position of not allowing a three man crew at all. Find out where a three man crew is allowed.

    Seneca College of King City, Ontario and the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association will jointly deliver the Surface Supplied Supervisor Course which Seneca has developed in partnership with the Construction Safety Association of Ontario. Find out details here.

    This timeless hazard alert once again warns divers of the hazards of filling air cylinders with contaminated gas. This hazard applies to commercial surface supplied operations as well as SCUBA operations. Read the alert to avoid a potential fatality.

    Members of the CADC completed voting on the controversial CSA recommendation for a minimum 4 man crew for all diving operations. Find out how the majority voting on the issue decided - did they want a 4 man minimum crew or not?

    The RCMP has a Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA) tender out to establish a list of qualified Underwater Recovery Divers from which the RCMP can obtain quick access to during times when RCMP divers are not available to perform the work. Part of the qualification for being on this list is that "Each diver is to be certified through Recreational Scuba and/or certified as a Commercial diver from accredited college / university or accredited training agency." Should recreational or university trained divers be allowed to do this work? Tell us what you think. Discuss it here.

    TGH Hyperbaric Unit Open For Business.

    In a memo dated August 26, 2002, all potential users of the Toronto General Hospital (TGH) Hyperbaric Chamber were notified that the TGH Chamber was closing for 15 months as of Sept.. 30, 2002. That is no longer the case. A new 6 ATA multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber is now open and ready for patient care in a new location: the 2"d floor of the Eaton Wing of TGH. All physician requests for the TGH Hyperbaric Chamber services should be accessed through CritiCall, 1 - 800 - 668 - 4357, a 24-hour-a-day referral service for Physicians in Ontario caring for seriously ill patients in Ontario. CritiCall will contact the appropriate facility and arrange for patient transportation to the facility. Patients who require emergency Hyperbaric medical services should go to the nearest hospital Emergency Department.
    Should you have further questions, please contact the TGH Hyperbaric Medicine Unit at 416 - 340 - 4131.

    CSA Competencey Standard for Diving Operations now out.

    The Canadian Standards Associationís Competency Standard for Diving Operations (Z275.4-02) is now out on the streets. This document will most likely have an impact on diving operations in the future. You can order it from the CSA online store at . The LIST ID for the document is 2014307

    The Underwater Skills Department at Seneca College, after a successful December course, will again be offering a course in underwater welding in Feb. 2003 at King Campus, as well as Phoenix Marine Services in Abbotsford, B.C.  The five-day course will allow practice and instruction to enable participants to attempt the underwater CWB "class B" (fillet welds, plate) test.  The course is designed to allow commercial divers working within the diving industry to achieve Canadian U/W welding qualification. Find out more here!

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