Diving Safety and Training

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    ST. JOHN'S  ó  There are questions about whether a diver who died in Bay Bulls harbour Tuesday should have been there in the first place. Adrian Fleming, 45, was fixing some moorings for Mullowney's, a boat tour company, when he died. But Fleming isn't registered with the Diver Certification Board of Canada, the body that recognizes commercial divers .............. Find out more by going to link.

    Dirty controversy develops on contaminated water diving procedures.

    Diving in contaminated water has become a controversial issue. With Bill C45 now in place, failure to safeguard the employee (divers) from unforseen hazards (in this case - contaminated water) could lead to jail terms (or worse) for the dive companies, the client .. and even the supervisor. What do you think of the issue? Should all the water we dive in be tested before the dive is conducted to determine if contaminated diving procedures should be used? Discuss the issue in the forums HERE.

    Hospital closes hyperbaric chamber to stretcher patients. Injured face being sent on to Hamilton, Ottawa or Buffalo. Police and commercial scuba divers are concerned for their safety following Toronto General Hospital's decision to stop treating stretcher patients in the city's only hospital-based hyperbaric chamber.

    University Health Network has finally made a decision to replace the interim chamber with a more permanent chamber. There have been some embarrassing situations where the chamber that the commercial and police THOUGHT was up and running - wasn't. This badly needed permanent chamber may finally become a reality after all the political storm settles down. Read what TGH and UHN has to say.

    A Nova Scotia fish farmer has entered a not guilty plea to charges stemming from a fatal diving accident over the summer.

    A Digby County man and his company have been charged in the death of a commercial diver last March off Digby Neck.

    Seneca College of King City, Ontario and will deliver a Surface Supplied Supervisor Course which Seneca has developed based on the IMCA supervisorís manual.

    The course will be presented at the Howard Johnsonís Maranova Suites Hotel on King Street in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia beginning on Sunday September 14, 2003 to Wed. Sept. 17th. Read more .... follow the link.

    Seneca delays IMCA Diver Medic Course.

    Seneca has decided to delay their IMCA Diver Medic Course that was scheduled in September to later on in the year to allow busy divers to attend at a more convenient "off-season" time. Stay tuned for course dates and announcements that will be posted here.

    Seneca College announces that its rescheduled IMCA Diver Medic Course will run Dec. 8th-19th. You must register by November 15th, 2003. There is a tremendous amount of interest in this course and it is expected to fill fast. So for details, follow the link.

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