Hazard / Safety Alert

Hazard and safety alerts that effect the safety and wellbeing of the underwater professional.

    An American adventurer died suddenly Sunday while diving in a flooded iron ore mine near St. John's.

    Joe Steffen, 51, a resident of Ohio, was a member of an international dive team that had come to explore the flooded mine on Bell Island in Conception Bay.

    Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc. has recently modified the front hinge yoke on the SuperLite-17C helmet. This change is in response to a modification to the helmet neck ring used on this helmet, as well as the SuperLite 27, 17K, 37, and 57 helmets.

    Kirby Morgan recalls defective Circle Seal one way valves.

    KMDSI is issuing a recall on a single batch of defective Circle Seal one way valves. 1) Recall notice for defective Circle Seal one way valves. 2) JPEG photograph of Circle Seal one way valve showing location of date stamp. See attached article.

    Kirby Morgan releases caution notice on regulator assembly.

    Kirby-Morgan has discovered an inconsistency with some of their  regulator assemblies P/N 505-069 that were manufactured between January 1, 2005 to March 1, 2005. The tube that holds the inlet valve and lever arm on some of these units in this batch are misaligned and consequently the lever arm sits offset. This offset if large enough will not allow the lever to travel smoothly and may increase the inhalation effort. Regulators that have this configuration should be taken out of service and not used until they have been replaced.

    An accidental inflation of a dive suit in a pipleline caused a diving test. Find out what happened and how to possible avoid it in this hazard alert release by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

    A recent video clip on YouTube shows a near fatal incident when a sudden leak develops during a bell run. A cold reminder that the industry has its "moments.". Quick thinking by the crew and the supervisor prevents a tragedy. See inside for Video Clip.


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