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    Board of Directors

    CADC's New Board of Directors 2001-2002

    Membership to CADC will be considered by the Board of Directors of CADC providing the applicant can demonstrate compliance to CADC Code of Ethics and Standards. To be considered for membership within the organization, print the following form, fill in and mail with remittance

    As with everything, the bottom line in any joining ANY organization is - why join? (which translates more into "What’s in it for me?" )
    As CADC grows across Canada we need to look closely at our role in the industry to insure that we have a distinct advantage over non-member companies. It is not enough to better the safety of the industry, we must also improve the credibility and expertise of member companies products and services.
    But, as a potential member, if CADC is out there working for the industry as a whole, then why join?

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