CADC president John McFadzen's paper presented at the annual Canadian Dam Assocation meeting in Calgary last month talked about those dam divers that work for the dam engineers. Read the full text of the paper by following the link.

The CADC Annual General Meeting is being held in Calgary in conjunction with the Canadian Dam Safety Association on Oct 3, 2005. The meeting agenda with the list of speakers is linked below.

Using commercial divers: What you need to know.

Diving operations are becoming an important part of Civil Works. Divers are used for the initial inspections as part of a safety review, for minor maintenance and repairs to structures, and for major work where draining the reservoir is not practical. Making the right choices in hiring a diving contractor directly affects your bottom line. .. Read more on how to hire a qualified commercial diving company here ...

The Canadian Association of Diving Contractors has today moved their website “offices” over to the new website complex. Read more about the reasons for the move inside ....

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