I applaud those that go underwater - and "do a job".  Sometimes the main purpose of the diver is to work underwater - that is what he gets up for in the morning.
However, a recent video on Youtube reminded me that many of us started out in the underwater business as a sport diver and finally made the decision to "do if for a living." (I should have had my head examined then.) When ones main job is NOT diving but is a "side" thing an employer has you do, lines begin to blur along "what is sport?" and "what is commercial?. Commercial diving and underwater work is dangerous and can be fatal. This video shows an enthusiastic fellow "doing his job" - but using sport diving techniques. There is no indication of a standby diver nor even a lifeline. I again applaud his enthusiasm but this video reminds me of the work we have to do in getting folks who insist on doing commercial work using sport techniques without obvious safety measures being taken to abide by the rules of safe diving practice in commercial operations. I have unfortunately attended the funeral of a couple of "enthusiastic" divers in my career. Enthusiasm doesn't make up for good sense and good practice. Commercial diving using established safe diving practices makes for a safe industry. This means coming home at the end of the day to our loved ones or for a beer. By NOT practicing safe dive procedures in commercial diving does us all a disservice - not to mention being one helluva inconvenience at the funeral trying to explain "why" to those left behind.

What do you think? Commercial diving or suicide in the making?
While searching through the various video forums for a few videos on commercial divers, I came across a pretty good one which will give you a hint of what one faces offshore.
You can go to school all you want but until you actually get offshore - to smell the atmosphere of diesel generators, aviation fuels, salt air and the wind - you will not quite "get it". This little video I found on YouTube will give a smattering of what its like. And for those that have been there - a reminder of why you like it - or don't!
As they say ... there is no life like it!

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