We are currently finishing off a unique underwater concrete pour.  The project involved drilling 15 set steel anchors 4ft into the bedrock per form.  There was a total of 7 forms.  This totalled 420 feet of 2” diameter bored holes.  The steel was then grouted in place.  The forms we custom built to each site.  There is approximately 20,000lbs of concrete that went in to each form with a ton of steel and grillage.  These forms will provide the anchor points for gimbal steel that will rise up to attach to a massive floating dock for a significant upscale Lake Okanagan development called Sheerwater.  The only way we could get concrete to site was with the use of a helicopter.  Over a period of 12 hours we had a helicopter overhead every 3 minutes delivering concrete to the hoper which supplied the concrete pump and then the divers.  In total we poured over 55m of concrete in 1 shift with this method.  A crew of 7 divers have been on this project fulltime for over 4 months.