Connors Diving Services is pleased to announce the completion of internal repairs to a major effluent pipeline in Nova Scotia. The project was a multi-company collaboration between the Owners, Connors Diving Services and Miller Pipeline Corp.

This particular job was unique because the pipe is 42” in diameter and 4176’ long. The work had to be done in stages from either end. Two four hour dives were done to complete the inspection and repairs with a penetration depth of 1953’. Travel time alone was 30 minutes to each location.

As required by the newly implemented NS Occupational Diving Regulations, surfaced supplied diving equipment has to be used during this type of operation. This type of gear gives the diver two-way communications and air from the surface. Divers breathed a mixed gas, allowing for greater safety and increased in-water times. In addition, the diver’s helmet was equipped with closed circuit video and lights. The Miller Pipeline representative was then able to watch the diver and advise him on the appropriate steps to affect a repair.

Specialized equipment was also designed and built over the past several months. Using unique and innovative designs, Connors Diving Services was able to complete the pipe repairs quickly and safely while still being cost effective for the client.

This is the deepest underwater penetration that we know of performed in Canada by a commercial diving company and is a testament to the hard work and determination of all parties involved.

Congratulations Team!