Professional and sports divers are exposed to multiple dangers which could lead to serious accident: decompression sickness, biochemical accident, barotraumas and extreme environmental conditions.


The need to intervene rapidly to limit the damage cause by an accident brought the Work Health and Safety Commission and the Ministry of Health and Social Services to create a diving medical help line.  L’Hôtel Dieu de Lévis was designated as the centre to ensure this service.  Other services associated with diving medicine will also be provided at this new Quebec Diving Medical Centre.


This Centre has one hyperbaric chamber and a complete team associated with it.

           They will provide an emergency help line 24 hours a day and 7 days a week;

           The team has eight hyperbaric doctors’ qualified level II and one coordinator for emergency procedures.



Emergency and coordination

           Assist the hyperbaric chamber operator during the treatment by ensuring the proper protocols are used.

           If necessary, liaise with other medical centre emergency services.

           If needed, assist the employer/ supervisor throughout the evacuation of the casualty and ensure the continuity of care is provided during transportation.

           Treat diving casualties in hyperbaric chamber.



           Provide useful information to diving contractors in order for them to establish a diving and emergency action plan.


           Establish a list of provincial, regional and municipal emergency and medical services also administrative authority able to intervene during a diving emergency.



           If needed, give advice to hyperbaric doctors qualified level I, emergency doctors and those in the work health network.

           Give advice to hyperbaric operators.


To speak to the Quebec Diving Medical Centre coordinator call (418) 835-7121 ext 1505

For all diving emergency call 1-888-835-7121

(All of the staff are bilingual.)



M. Jocelyn Boisvert

Quebec Diving Medical Centre Coordinator

1-888-835-7121 ext 1505