As with everything, the bottom line in any joining ANY organization is - why join? (which translates more into "What’s in it for me?" )

As CADC grows across Canada we need to look closely at our role in the industry to insure that we have a distinct advantage over non-member companies. It is not enough to better the safety of the industry, we must also improve the credibility and expertise of member companies products and services.

But, as a potential member, if CADC is out there working for the industry as a whole, then why join?

There are several services that the CADC can and will supply.
-CADC promotes the use of member companies to insure safety, reliability and security to clients.
-CADC supports member companies who need assistance dealing with or lobbying the different levels of government.
-CADC keeps close liaison with other relevant Associations {i.e.. International Association of Diving Companies, Canadian Professional Divers Association, International Marine Contractors Association.)
- CADC members are active and on the various CSA committees on diving operations and hyperbarics.

And the best and newest thing that we are doing now is the initiation of the Online Underwater Works Newsletter. You have no doubt seen it ( but if you haven't please visit. It has all sorts of articles and up to date information about our industry in Canada and worldwide.

As a member, you are entitled to post news of what YOUR Company is doing in the Industry. Do something different that everyone should know about? - then this is the vehicle you need to post the information up for the industry (and clients) to see! The Newsletter is for and about the members of CADC. As a member service, we also periodically scour the electronic tender boards for underwater work across Canada and the world to let you know what is going on and where. In a busy day, you don't have time to do this - or do it as often as you should (or could.) We do this for our members of the association. The association is to let you know what is going on and where.

We continually lobby provincial government that has not yet adopted the CSA 275.2 Diving Operations as a minimum. The governments that have adopted the minimum standards also need to insure effective control. In the provinces that have not adopted these occupational health and safety (OHS) legislation's, we lobby to have them adapt at least CSA 275.2 ... as a minimum.

We do this because we continually hear about:
-Welding on SCUBA without communications equipment.
-Decompression diving without a chamber on site.
-Diving with no standby surface air supply
-Diving without coms at all! [if you can’t hear the diver breathing, the dive should be aborted]
-Not using standby divers.
-Using two man crews. - using improperly trained divers.

Having Canadian companies truthfully perceived as internationally competitive and exceptional in the services they provide, is essential to the future of our industry. Our member companies have experience, working safely and efficiently in the world’s harshest environments from the North Atlantic to the Arctic. In Canada, we have it all!

Member Companies are also leading the industry in all aspects of ROV and ADS construction and operations. The quality of our employees; divers, ROV/ADS pilots, supervisors, maintenance and management personal is exceptional. We maintain an extremely high training and safety standard, which ensures a safe working environment.

Member Companies have personnel and equipment to compete in all aspects of marine construction, salvage and inspection diving from the Fixed Link to Nuclear power plants, Hybernia Gravity Base to locating the Bredalbane.

We need your support and commitment to maintain this level of expertise and ensure that the safety of our personnel and workplace still makes us internationally competitive. You need to have a strong voice as the ever-changing environmental, technical and international pressures envelop us.

With a country as large and diverse as Canada, diving companies are geographically wide spread. It is easy to get lost and out of touch without clear and accurate communications amongst our members. That is why we have set up the "Underwater Works" and an information list server for members only. Being a member allows you to tap into this information - and to be recognized as an active member of an organization dedicated to diver safety and professional conduct.

We'd be pleased to consider you for membership within our organization. (If you already are a member, please tell us how we can make things better for you as a member of a professional organization. Better yet, GET INVOLVED! )

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (email is best.) Or better yet, click the icon above and we will send you information on membership.

Best regards – and safe diving.

CADC Board

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